The art of interviewing excellently is pertinent not only for those in the professional realm doing the interview but for those seeking employment in many fields, from medicine, law, to the nonprofit sector. The structure is essentially the same. In todays business world, the life span of employment has prolonged and the applicants have expanded. Where we once kept one job for a lifetime, we now may shift five to ten times before we retire. Candidates are more competitive and have refined their approach combining intelligence, creativity, cordiality and job knowledge with a conservative ploy.

Important insights to consider:

– Create a Great First Impression (you are being observed).
– Dress the Part (unless told otherwise dress professional and conservative and appear well dressed).
– Have Business Etiquette (arrive few minutes early, arrive with a professional pad and pen, appear organized, bring related documents, shake hands, wait to be seated, always address with the last name).
– Four Key Elements (etiquette, mannerisms, attitude, topics of discussions).
– Focus.
– Show respect.
– Do your homework on the industry and particular company.
– Resume and cover letter for summary.
– Close with style-acknowledgement.

Taken from “How to Interview like a top MBA, Dr. Shel Leanne”

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