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At Ed-Tech Lair, our main goal is to help students success, and be the bright professionals of tomorrow.

Whether you are a new, or current student, we can help you setup and trouble shoot your URBE related accounts. Please scroll down for more information.

Nuevos Estudiantes

If you are a new student, please follow the next steps to get started with your accounts creation.

Soporte para estudiantes activos

El equipo EdTech de URBE está disponible de lunes a domingo, las 24 horas del día.

Getting your student e-mail is the first step towards beginning your class enrollment process.

Complete the form below to get started.

We use this information for account validation.

After you submit the request, please allow 12 hours before you get your Student E-mail activation email.

Once you get the activation email, proceed to Step 2.

Una vez hayas completado el primer paso, debes esperar aproximadamente 12 horas, antes de continuar. En este periodo, nosotros te enviaremos un email, con los accesos temporales, para que puedas activar tu correo de estudiante. Mira en video a continuacion, para mas informacion sobre como activar tu correo de estudiante:

Abrir video

Whether you are taking classes online, or in campus, you will need access to the University’s various resources for the best learning experience possible. In order for you to gain access to your virtual classroom, you must to go Student Links, and then click the Learning Management System (LMS) you will be using for your classes.

1. Blackboard OLMS -> Academic Programs LMS ( Such as Bachelor and Masters degrees).

2. ELI LMS – > For the English Language Institute at URBE University

3. CE LMS – > For Continuing Education and Professional Development short courses.

For more information on how to sign up on any these platforms, please click in the link below:

Click here to see instructions

 We provide our Students and Faculty the tools for success in our various platforms.

Knowledge Base (Currently in development)

If you have troubles with your Student e-mail, or LMS Login access, you can find us through one of the following channels:

Live chat: https://tawk.to/urbeedtech

Call in: +1 (305) 964 8804, Ext 226 – 227 (Available during Office Hours)

Open a Ticket

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