Program Mission

  This program prepares students with the necessary skills and academic knowledge for management positions in
various business enterprises. These career opportunities may be in areas such as accounting, finance, business
administration, sales, marketing, human resources, information systems, and production or operations for the
existing or emerging manager. Application of theory to practice is emphasized throughout the program. The
student will be able to choose the track they want to follow.


Flexible Scheduling

Study anytime

Login from anywhere

No commute

On Campus

Face to face classes

Access to On-Campus resources

Better interaction with you instructors and peers



Upon the completion of the program, you will be able to: 

1. Display competencies and knowledge in key business functional areas including accounting, finance, marketing, and management.
2. Apply effectively and professionally the tools and techniques for working in teams.
3. Identify professional issues in a variety of contexts.
4. Choose and apply decision-making techniques, using both quantitative and qualitative analysis, to management issues.
5. Analyze and evaluate ethical problems that occur at all levels of business decision making.
6. Assess the influence of the diverse and rapidly changing global business environment in the local frame.
7. Conduct strategic analysis using both theoretical and practical applications.
8. Implement a framework for identifying a business problem and develop alternative solutions and a set of evaluation criteria.
9. rite business documents clearly, concisely and analytically.
10. Possess the skills to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.
11. State the strategic guidelines aimed to achieve the organizational goals.
12. Apply communication strategies that allow to influence positively in the work behavior of the led work team.

Tuition, fees, and other expenses

Application Fee
(One time only)
Program Total Credit HoursTotal per Credit HourTotal per semester

(based on full time enrollment)
$100.00 USD45 credit hours$400.00 per credit hour$4,800.00 USD

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