Program Mission

   The Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (B.S.) offers a core business curriculum infused with the application of ethics and corporate social responsibility principles in a technologically savvy environment. Graduates of this program acquire the skills necessary to solve interesting and challenging issues involving the creation and exchange of goods and services, the management and development of personnel, and the efficient and socially responsible use of resources. Our goal is to produce highly versatile, receptive and knowledgeable graduates who have mastered the fundamentals of business and have a steady command of the world’s dynamic economy.


Flexible Scheduling

Study anytime

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No commute

On Campus

Face to face classes

Access to On-Campus resources

Better interaction with you instructors and peers



Upon the completion of the program, you will be able to: 

  1. Show proficiency in the knowledge of concepts and theories related to operation management, organizational behavior, business law, marketing, international business, accounting, financial, information technology, ethics, and social responsibility.
  2.  Select and make effective use of software applications in the business framework.

3. Apply the appropriate techniques to address professional issues in a variety of contexts.

4. Identify characteristics and roles of groups and teams in the business context.

5. Describe the different types of markets to identify new business opportunities.

6. Assess ethical problems that occur at different contexts of business decision making.

7. Appraise the influence of cultural diversity in the business performance at the global context.

8. Develop alternative solutions and propose evaluation criteria for identified business problems.

9. Create business documents making use of the appropriate techniques for written communication.

10. Demonstrate to ability to effectively present a discussion to and audience.

Tuition, fees, and other expenses

Application Fee
(One time only)
Program Total Credit HoursTotal per Credit HourTotal per semester

(based on full time enrollment)
$100.00 USD120 credit hours$350.00 per credit hour$4,200.00 USD

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