This Thursday October 4th, 2018, URBE University inaugurated its URBE Pro Art exposition series. Painters, photographers and sculptors from different countries gathered to celebrate the Hispanic Heritage Month, in which their pieces of art are being exhibited from that day until the end of the month. From comics to cubism, these are the expositors on this event:


1.         Cristina Jaramillo (Colombia).

2.         Sergio Lastres (Cuba).

3.         Jeans Paladino (Venezuela).

4.         Marvin Vega (Nicaragua).

5.         Alejandra Goldberg (Argentina).

6.         Edin Gutiérrez (Cuba).

7.         Alicia Rodríguez (USA).

8.         Marissa Lavina (Cuba).

9.         Yorka Ralwins (República Dominicana).

10.       Lisdey Breijo (Cuba).

11.       Ellioth García (Honduras).

12.       Fabian Tasama (Colombia).

13.       Eduardo Orozco (Venezuela).

14.       Roberto Koltun (Cuba).

15.       Rosa Landaez (Venezuela).

16.       Betiana Bradas (Argentina).

17.       Luis Rodríguez (Cuba).

18.       Eleazar Soriano (República Dominicana).

19.       Analy Silva (Venezuela).

20.       Maritza López (Cuba).

21.       Alvin Hernández (USA).

22.       Sumy florez (Venezuela).

23.       Renzo Novelli (Venezuela).

24.       Armando Angel.

25.       Thelma Delgado.



This event will be open to public throughout the month of October during regular hours. 


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