Since she was very little she was involved in the artistic world, because her family is full of talent as singers, journalists and of course painters. She worked in Venezuela surrounded by artists such as Soto, Cruz Diez and Zapata, it was there where the inspiration to paint increase “dream in colors and paint in colors” was born. In hers works you can appreciate the abstract, the relist and the surrealism.

La Minina venezolana (her work) was inspired by her country, “I painted her without eyes because Venezuela has a woman’s name and she did not want to see everything that is happening in my country, she does not have a nose because she did not want to smell everything all this bad process that we are going through, but I put her mouth because she is a fighter mother and like all Venezuelans we are fighters, she has a mouth to speak and to fight for her country.

Landáez, emphasized that in Miami there’s has a lot of talent, also stressed that if in the universities and in the schools the art was more emphasized, young people would have more opportunities to open up in other fields and leave a little the excessive use of technologies.


During this month of October, we will be showing the incredible works of these Latin artists, from 9am to 5pm at Urbe University.

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